Apicivs 1972
Apicivs. The tireless quest for the best douro has to offer.
Inspired by the world's oldest cookery book, Apicivs illustrates the relentless quest for the best.
The best ingredient, the best combination, the best drink. With this focus and a constant drive to explore, to find and to deliver an unrivalled product of superior quality, Apicivs turned the ambition and daring of Marcus Gavius Apicius into the brand own approach. The eccentric 1st century Roman gourmet, whose life purpose was to transform noble and refined foods into unique recipes, drives and enhances the roots and values of the brand.
The Apicivs brand, just like the recipes in that book, also aims to present the best the Douro has to offer to the market, with the uniqueness that is recognized for this region alone. Although the history of the area stretches back to 1756, Apicivs believes that the immensity and quality offered by the Douro allow it, even today, to continue to create, to innovate and to find rarities within that which is the world's first Demarcated and Regulated Region. It is still able to surprise and delight the connoisseurs of these wines.
Apicivs is driven by the constant ambition to elevate the palate and raise its sophistication as well as to obtain the best possible result from the best grapes. The eternal dissatisfaction of Apicivs conveys the spirit and nobility of the figure who gives his name to the brand, striving to achieve a superior, consistent and high quality positioning for a rarity that only this region has been able to preserve to this day.
It took five decades of resting to bring this patiently guarded rarity to the present day; “forgotten” to age, it became a paradigm of the evolution of the best very old Ports wines, which we now present: exceptional, with half a century of history and rare chemical reactions, APICIVS 1972 Single Harvest Tawny Port is an ode to the incomparable singularity of the Douro Demarcated Region.
A veritable gift of time, which we decided to bring to life in an unrepeatable manner in this jubilee year of its harvest, in 500 exclusive bottles, hand numbered and signed, presented in a special edition that consists of special packaging that, inside, is telling its history, and a certificate attesting to its authenticity.
This is an extremely rare harvest, one of the rarest in the 1970s; APICIVS 1972 Single Harvest Tawny Port is a unique and unparalleled Port in every way, one that will astound all those who have the pleasure and the privilege of tasting it, drinking it and sharing it.
Produced in a troubled and uncertain decade, APICIVS 1972 Single Harvest Tawny Port is now presented to the market after 50 years of rest to bring us the testimony of the rarity it has become; paradigm of the evolution of the best very old Port wines, this precious nectar is unique in every way, being, if not the last, certainly one of the very few Tawny Port wines from the 1972 harvest preserved in casks until today.
Almost as though a superb spice, APICIVS 1972 Single Harvest Tawny Port motivates and drives the elevation and sophistication of the papate while maintaining the brand consistency and superior quality and the audacity that gives it its name.
This is an exceptional Port, with half a century of history, which will remain in the memory of all, and especially of those who have had the opportunity to taste it.
An ode to the incomparable singularity of the Douro Demarcated Region.
It delivers it all from the first visual and olfactory impressions to the aftertaste, which has no end ‒ a killer entry: very bright, very unctuous, with a distinct olive-green rim followed by a broad amber halo that slowly fades in a visually astonishing dégradée to a mahogany-coloured centre of reddish shades.
With an exceptional olfactory opulence and freshness, remarkable indeed, starting with honey, "pots” of it actually, and an extremely balsamic aroma of fennel, a distinctive floral note of honeysuckle, somewhat herbal and slightly sour, added by a mixed scent of beeswax, tobacco leaf and pollen; a bit piquant with hints of pepper and curry standing out; a lot of honey from eucalyptus blossom, well dried straw and tobacco leaf, and some butterscotch and pine nuts notes – a somewhat citric and floral background, added of dried tangerine zest and caramelized pear, and strong notes of fennel; sawn oak wood, cedar tree resin and beeswax notes, mixed, coming and going, and a light but clear saline touch.
In the mouth it starts with a lot of honey and fennel, in an unusual unctuosity and freshness (so fresh it does not seem at all the 180 grams of sugar per litre it has!), going on with distinct notes of dried tangerine zest, smoke and butterscotch; and also slightly flavoured with walnuts, prunes and caramelized figs and a touch of honeysuckle blossom.
An infinite aftertaste, sweet, fresh, balsamic, somewhat spicy, with “pots” of honey from eucalyptus blossom, fennel, dried caramelised zest of numerous citrus fruits, peppery notes, slight curry notes, ending with nuances of crème brûlée and caramelised cherries.
What the Robert Parker Wine Advocate says about APICIVS 1972
Drink Date 2022-2060

The 1972 Apicivs Colheita Tawny Port is a field blend that was bottled with a long cork on July 22, 2022, after about 50 years in barrel. It comes in with 190 grams of residual sugar. This has a little more energy than the 1971, but it opened equally closed. Overnight, it woke up alive and expressive, showing rich fruit and a long, deliciously sweet finish. It has a fair amount of energy, too, and complexity. It is certainly very mature, but it is still fresh enough to be bright and lively. The unctuous texture and serious concentration are its best features, though. It simply coats the palate, leading to that tasty finish. This runs around 550 euros in Portugal. This release was launched on September 9 with just 500 bottles, which is all that was left. Each will come with a premium package, including an extra bar-top cork, booklet and certificate of authenticity.

This company's name stands for "Douro and Port Wine Export Agency." In 2013, they started acquiring and exporting "less-known Port wine brands from producers," then began buying and selling bulk Port wines. Last year, they added their own brand, releasing the 1971. They have plans for regular 50-year releases.